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Name:Terri Benincasa
Company:Boomer Nation! Broadcast Radio Show
Title:Radio Show Host/Boomer Expert/Broadcast Readiness Trainer
Address:1234 Boomer Way Tampa
Country:United States of America
Phone No:8133432123
Cell No:
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Terri Benincasa
Boomer Nation! Broadcast Radio Show
Boomer Nation! was the first, and is still the only broadcast radio show of its kind in the nation: for and about Baby Boomers; Informative & Entertaining.

Broadcasting out of Tampa Bay, FL and heard on broadcast radio throughout West Central FL on WGUL 860AM & WLSS 930AM, and on prime internet radio stations like Power World Radio, Phoenix Radio Network, Boomster, and Boomer Living, the show reaches over 245K listeners throughout the US & Canada.

Host Terri Benincasa is a nationally known expert in all things Boomer, holds a double Masters in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, is a professional stage/TV actress, and has over 20 years' experience with business management/ownership....
  she is also quite a proud fellow Boomer.

Her show is provocative, entertaining, and up-to-the-minute informational.

Tune in for:
  • interviews with nationally recognized guests, and seasoned experts on the important issues we want to understand so we can make the best decisions for our lives, in every aspect of our lives,
    reflected by the show's three areas (living/working/playing);
  • great information specifically designed for Boomers from the shows team of nationally recognized contributing experts;
  • "ramblings from the deranged comedy team" designed to get us laughing...mostly at ourselves, and;
  • Terri's "Boomer Alert!" - her pics and pans of the latest products/services/issues directly impacting her fellow Boomers
  • inspiration to get your Boomer Mojo on - i.e. feeling the tremendous influence you have as a member of this absolutely amazing generation.
Here's Just a Few of our Experts' features:
  • "To Your Health!" (health/wellness)
  • "Show Me the Money" (retirement finances)
  • "Taking Care of Business" (marketing/business building)
  • "Straight Talk" (leadership/career/communication)
  • "Let's Get Physical" (Boomer fitness)
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